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Glencoe Software Launches PathViewer™ Software Product for Digital Pathology

PathViewer is an interactive visualization, analysis and annotation tool tailored specifically for digital pathology.

Glencoe Software Inc., the world-leading supplier of image data management solutions for biotech, pharma and publication industries, has launched its PathViewer tool, a new standard for interactive viewing and annotation of digital pathology images.

The PathViewer supports standard digital pathology workflows and data formats making the visualization, annotation, sharing and management of digital pathology images easy and straightforward.

The platform agnostic software ensures that regardless of the scanner used for acquisition, the data format or the location of your scanner - the digital pathology images of users, collaborating researchers or pathologists are securely stored in their original format without duplication.

“PathViewer is an exciting new product for our company,”

said Glencoe Software CEO Jason Swedlow.

“With the global digital pathology market expected to grow at a CAGR of about 10% to 2018 and people in the field crying out for better interactive tools, we felt there was a critical unmet need. We talked to pathologists and researchers, brought our proven design and engineering experience into the mix, and built PathViewer.”

PathViewer joins a growing family of Glencoe Software solutions created for multi-dimensional, multi-domain, data-intensive imaging. PathViewer uses Bio-Formats, the world-renowned image data translator to read image data. It works seamlessly with either OMERO Plus from Glencoe Software, or the popular open source OMERO data management platform from OME.

Pathologists can easily access all of the information they need to comprehensively review images, explore regions of interest and report their findings. With PathViewer, you can share and collaborate in ways never before possible in a simple browser-based interface.

PathViewer gives the end user choice and flexibility to connect with images from other imaging modalities, other analysis software, and can even link to an institution’s existing third party software solutions.

For more details, download the PathViewer information sheet.

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