Customization by Glencoe Software


Let us help develop Bio-Formats and OMERO Plus to fit your needs. Our expertise extends from custom database development and implementation to front-end design, and everything in between. We can extend Bio-Formats and OMERO to achieve the look, feel and capabilities that your imaging requirements demand. All backed by our dedicated services and support team.

Bio-Formats and OMERO have been successfully adapted for many customers. Talk to us about your special requirements.

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File Formats and Data Types

Through Bio-Formats, OMERO currently supports several file formats. However, new formats frequently appear, and the one you need may not yet be available. Glencoe offers you the chance to sponsor the support for a particular file format to quickly gain access to your data.

Customization by Glencoe Software
Customization by Glencoe Software

Metadata Support

Though your file format may be supported in OMERO having all the metadata that your users expect available alongside the data provides the best value to your users. New user interface panels specifically tailored to your workflow can easily be integrated.

Advanced Visualization

Screening applications and other high-content or high-throughput tasks can be significantly enhanced by having a correct, optimized visualization available. Such views can be developed as extensions to the OMERO clients.

Customization by Glencoe Software

Need a unique solution?

Let’s work together and develop your custom Bio-Formats and OMERO Plus applications.