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Data InPress from Glencoe Software enables journals and other online publications to better connect with their audiences through the use of inline interactive image data and media. With our simple plug-ins, authors can share their images and media in ways rarely experienced before. We can integrate over 150 different scientific image file formats into any online publication. It is then possible to have it all there for your readers to interact with and enjoy - with just one click.

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Interactive Data Tools


Our Data Viewer allows you to host and display original, multidimensional scientific image data from over 150 file formats.

Video Injection Service

Glencoe’s Video Injection Service takes videos in any file format and converts them into standardized formats for display in play-in-place viewers on multiple devices.

Data Management

Data InPress allows you to monitor and manage the interactive content in all articles through an easy-to-use admin console.

Data InPress Publishing by Glencoe Software
Data InPress Publishing by Glencoe Software

Publishing Industry Expertise

Our team is made up of people who are not only avid consumers of online publications, but also bring comprehensive industry experience. Multiple Glencoe staff have graced the pages of international scientific journals as published authors, editors and even executive directors. We understand your audience and your industry.

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Support & Service

Our clients rave about our customer service and support. We hold ourselves to very high standards and always try to exceed expectations. We have created customized solutions for journals with an international readership. Let us help you engage readers and allow authors to share their image data and media in new, compelling ways.

Data InPress Publishing by Glencoe Software

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