The capability to host and display multidimensional image data for the publishing industry

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Bringing New Dimensions to Image Data in Publishing


Glencoe’s DataViewer technology provides interactive visualization of original, multidimensional image data in over 150 different file formats - all in simple web browser plug-ins. This feature creates a much more dynamic, interactive way for readers to engage with content.

How It Works

Authors can share the original image data underlying their publications to validate their findings and provide the raw materials for others to build on. Our interactive tools allow readers to take control over data visualization and to download the original files for further exploration.

The DataViewer can host a wide variety of data types, including:

Many other data types are available for use in DataViewer.

Why Choose Glencoe?

Glencoe offers both expert development services and full support options for our Viewers. This provides you with bug fixes and on-call support experts should any of your users experience issues or have questions about our products.

We also realize that technology evolves and you may find yourself with a unique requirement. We can work with you to fulfill any new application or feature request as the need arises. Our experienced team can create a customized solution to solve your immediate imaging challenges.

Need Custom Support?

Leverage Glencoe’s private support network, dedicated service team and expert developers to move your research forward, collaborate easily and free your lab to explore more.