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An interactive visualization, analysis and annotation tool specifically tailored for digital pathology


The modern pathology lab has a "Big Data" challenge – several different pathology systems and scanners with thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of images, accessed by a variety of visualization and analytic tools. How can you view, share, discuss or possibly annotate the images — securely and rapidly — and also have a flexible, customizable, open system that you could adapt to your own needs?

Glencoe Software has the solution. PathViewer offers proven, scalable, secure image viewing, annotation and integrated analysis — tailored for digital pathology. You get the best of our products in one place. Our Bio-Formats Digital Pathology module enables access to data from all major slide scanners and imaging systems. OMERO Plus stores all image and metadata in a secure, central repository and database, accessible via the Web or your favorite viewer or analysis tool.

Want to write your own plugins, analysis tools or client applications tailored exactly to your workflow? Java, C++, Python and MATLAB® are all supported.

Data can be annotated, securely shared with a colleague or published, all with a single click. So, now it’s easy to access, view, share or analyze digital pathology images from anywhere, over secure, enterprise connections and even connect with electronic laboratory notebooks or laboratory information management systems.

How It Works

OMERO Plus and the Bio-Formats module are designed to improve the handling of complex, multi-dimensional datasets. Based around OMERO.fs, all image data are stored in their original format, eliminating data duplication and allowing access by third party tools. File integrity is checked at upload, giving you extra confidence that your files are safely stored and then available for viewing and sharing.

Why Choose Glencoe?

Glencoe’s OMERO Plus and Bio-Formats module are packed with special features specifically designed for digital pathology. From import to organization to annotation and analysis — our solution will turn your big data conundrum into a simple process.

Furthermore, we continuously contribute to the open source OMERO codebase as well as build and deliver a customized, tested, supported, and warrantied commercial product. With Glencoe Software, you also get a private support network, guaranteed response time, a dedicated support line and access to customization services.

Need Custom Support?

Leverage Glencoe’s private support network, dedicated service team and expert developers to move your research forward, collaborate easily and free your lab to explore more.