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    image: © Luo et al., 2015. JCB 209:595-608. doi: 10.1083/jcb.201409142

What We Do

Glencoe Software provides viewing, sharing, analysis and management of large image files and data anywhere within a single software interface. Our products are utilized around the world and are backed by our superior customer service and support.

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Events & Exhibits


OMERO Plus for High Content Screening & Analysis

With over a decade of success in this particular imaging domain, OMERO Plus is unrivaled and globally recognized as the gold standard for HCS data management. Find out why.

Digital Pathology Congress: USA

Philadelphia. Digital Pathology. PathViewer. See you there! @DigiPathology

Digital Pathology Congress: Asia

Round 2 of DPC: Asia. We’re delighted to return to Kuala Lampur!

Pathology Visions 2016

Hosted by the Digital Pathology Association. We’ve made a date with sunny San Diego! Have you?

Digital Pathology Congress: Middle East

Come join us in Dubai as we explore the Middle East and the digital pathology market there!

Digital Pathology Congress: Europe

Back to London to discuss the best digital pathology solution... OMERO Plus for Digital Pathology! #PathViewer

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